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Child support obligations in Virginia are set by state guidelines that look at a variety of factors in order to achieve a support level that provides for the child's needs while remaining cognizant of each parent's financial situation. Income is the main factor that the formula in the state guidelines considers. Ensuring that the court takes a proper look at your income and your child's other parent's income can be key to securing a child support obligation that accurately reflects the reality of your circumstances.

A judge can deviate from the state guidelines if he or she can justify that course of action. Issues such as disability and substantial financial assets may be grounds for deviation.

Having a skilled and experienced attorney advocate for you is the most reliable way to secure a child support obligation that meets your child's needs without overly burdening either household's finances.

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I am attorney Christopher P. Reagan of the Law Office of Christopher P. Reagan, P.C. I understand the challenges that my clients face regarding child support. No matter whether it is being determined as part of a divorce or as a standalone proceeding, you need to approach the matter knowing how necessary it is to do everything you can to ensure that the appropriate child support obligations are applied to your situation.

Not All Child Support Determinations Happen In Divorce

While most child support determinations are made during the course of a divorce, child support proceedings can also happen independently of divorce proceedings. I offer my skilled representation to everyone facing child a child support determination, including those seeking to modify or enforce their child support agreements.

Many people may not realize that if the other parent is not meeting his or her child support obligations, one can bypass the Division of Child Support Enforcement and contact a private attorney for assistance directly.

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Ensuring that child support obligations are an accurate reflection of the reality of your living situation can be key to maintaining stable finances for your household. Turn to skilled legal representation that can help you secure the child support obligation you need. To schedule a free initial consultation with Newport News child support attorney Christopher P. Reagan, call 757-873-8773 or contact my office online.