Newport News Firearms Offenses Lawyer

Firearms charges are one of the more serious charges that some people may not realize they are committing. There are strict laws that govern the carrying of firearms in public places and vehicles as well as who is allowed to carry them.

The state of Virginia takes violation of these firearms laws very seriously. A conviction on firearms charges can bring mandatory time in the penitentiary. It is essential that you take action to defend your rights by securing the representation of a skilled criminal defense attorney who has specific experience in defending against firearms charges.

I defend the rights of those facing such firearms charges as:

  • Felon in possession
  • Concealed weapons
  • Felony concealed weapons
  • Possession of a firearm while in possession of a controlled substance

Former Public Defender With More Than 15 Years Of Dedication To Helping My Clients

I am attorney Christopher P. Reagan of the Law Office of Christopher P. Reagan, P.C. I am committed to defending the rights and the futures of those facing firearms charges. As a sole practitioner, my clients will have immediate and ongoing contact with me as we work to build the most effective defense. My time as a public defender and the years of private criminal defense experience I have acquired since mean that I am always ready to take my clients' cases to trial. Let me craft a strong defense against firearms charges for you.

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If you are facing firearms charges, you need to take assertive action to defend your rights and protect your future. Turn to skilled legal representation that can help you secure the best possible outcome to your situation. To schedule a free initial consultation with Newport News firearms offenses attorney Christopher P. Reagan, call 757-873-8773 or contact my office online.