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Drunk driving charges are some of the most serious charges that the average person will ever face. As a consequence, many of the people who are charged with DUI/DWI may not fully realize the need to fully defend themselves against the charges. Many of those charged with DUI either feel that there is no way to defend against an illegal blood alcohol content (BAC) level or that a lawyer will be more expensive than a conviction. Neither of those things is true.

There are many different ways to build an effective defense even when the state has an illegal BAC reading, including:

  • Questioning whether or not the police had the right to stop you
  • Questioning the accuracy of the Breathalyzer or chemical test
  • Questioning the training of the Breathalyzer test administrator

The costs of a DUI/DWI conviction can continue on for years in unexpected ways. For example, you will likely face higher insurance rates for years to come. Even first-time offenders must now install an ignition interlock device on their car at their own expense. Additionally, if you are charged with DUI again, the penalties increase dramatically and can even be charged as a felony.

Former Public Defender With More Than 15 Years Of Dedication To Helping My Clients

I am attorney Christopher P. Reagan of the Law Office of Christopher P. Reagan, P.C. I have been building successful defenses for my clients who are facing DUI charges for more than 15 years, both as a public defender and in private practice. I use that experience to help my clients secure the best possible resolution to their situations.

Are You A Commercial Driver Facing DUI Charges?

It is difficult to overstate the potential impact of DUI charges against those who make a living on the road. A DUI conviction could spell the end of your ability to support yourself and your family with your commercial driver's license (CDL). The penalties for CDL DUI are very high and could have you off the road for an extended period. Let me help you defend your livelihood.

Was Your DUI Drug Related?

Not all DUIs involve alcohol. Many DUIs are based on marijuana and prescription drug use. I am skilled in building cases for clients who are facing drug-related DUI charges.

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